Crockpot or Microwave?

Too many times we want what we want quickly and exactly how we think it should be. This post from Pastor Fusco at Cross Roads Church is soooo right on!

As hard as it is, I'd rather bake in God's recipe at the right temperature, right ingredients and the right amount of cooking time than too fast in a microwave. Nothing against microwaves, but as you know, it is best used for leftover meals. I don't know about you, but I'm not a leftover. We all are vessels to be used by God for his purpose in others lives and if we are rushing through this process, we may just miss those small little glorious miracles that can be missed so easily in this loud and distractive world. I pray that God will touch each of you in a special way to give you peace and purpose and once you discover your purpose, that the joy of knowing it will let you soar and do amazing things! Amen xx

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